Monday, January 17, 2011

How to add a report in Euclid

In Euclid, there are some reports that have been provided. But in fact, the company want to make special report. So we must make a report and register it to Euclid. 

1. Make sure you have a report
2. Upload your report to server using FTP in TOAD

3. Go to Euclid's application and run FD07.
4. Select folder that will be parent's folder(ex: Add on Human Resources)
5. Write the name of Function Code (ex: ZPK32), then click create button
6. Write the Menu ID same as Function Code and make sure you choose 'Report' in Status and then click Save.
7. To fill the report's paramater, click 'Substitute Report Name'

8.Fill the detail parameter here. Data prompt will appear in form report. Param. Code is the parameter in the file rdf (report). It's name must same. If Req is tick, user must fill this field. LOV is use to display the value. The value can from table or constant. If you click Query Text button, you can see the query.

9. Congratulation you have finished this task, but you haven't be able use your report. You must register this report to each role. 


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